Stay mobile from the car to the foot.

This theme describes the recycling project specializing especially in making use of old auto parts. In detail we want materials like airbags, safety belts, leather seats, roof textures and tires to be used for making shoes.

Our challenge is mainly the usage of used materials. We make sure they fit optically what material fits best for a variety of demands, how can they get connected.

The goal should be to design a shoe who will withstand a newly styled shoe in a shop. On the contrary, the used material should display an outstanding unique appearance which can consciously or unconsciously set a statement.


from the car to the foot

Ecologies and transparency during the fabrication process should always be observed. No environmental hazards during the process of re-manufacturing should arise. The customer should always know how his shoe was manufactured. We want to pass a feeling to the customer that when he buys his shoe that he has done something right for himself and for the environment


Use of high quality waste products from the automotive industry

Investigating Framework

Core goal is the selection of materials fitting the desired product. A shoe must hold stand towards different strains and environmental conditions. In addition, the fabrication technique is not an easy task to combine several different components.

The new shoe shows a complex form, we aim to create a design where the materials fit into each other and not the other way around.  Parts must be designed and brought into environmental safe form.

The end effect should be a representable pair of shoes who will hold their stand to a pair of shoes just leaving a belt in Asia.Only the best for our sneakers!  What materials do really fit the up-cycling process?

A shoe consists out of several material combinations who have to fulfill different requests.Visiting several scrap heaps we realized that many materials like airbags, roof textiles, seat belts, leather seat and tires could be used for up-cycling and by their characteristics could be used to make a new shoe.

With the help of stress tests we approach the theme. It is important not only to investigate the feature and quality  but  also to look  at the compatibility and direct contact with the user.

course: process design  |  semester: VI | projectpartner: timothy lede