The resurrections of the B2 watch

The IWC “B2” is homage to the original types of all aviation watches, originated around 1940 “B-watches”- decorating the wrist of daring aviators in their time.Today, where digital images and instruments are dominating the cockpit of airplanes, the aviation watch with its original purpose seems to be unnecessary.Here, the “B2” are accessories on the arm of pilots resurrecting the glory of passed days.

The “B2” orientates itself to the image of its namesake the “B2 Bomber” which is an image of a new generation of aviation.


Housing  | Crown  | Band of the  Watch

The housing form of the B2 establishes itself by the straight, ending in a right angle horns which reminds in their form of the wings of an B2 Bomber. The bezel fits with the exact diameter of 48mm to the outer housing. The housing now differs substantially from prior IWC housings. The IWC B2 crown became thinner and smaller compared to the former model the IWC Observation Watch of 1940. The watch does now underline the simple character of the watch. In addition to the leather wristband the IWC B2 offers a metal Band.

The wristband picks up the shape of both horns reflecting the square image of the B2 bomber.

The Face and the Marriage

The IWC B2 uses the classical face which appears almost identical to the “Observation watch”. However, the watch hands maintain a more exact relation to hours minutes and seconds.

The traditional face and hands in combination with the new IWC B2 housing connects tradition and unmistakable origin of the watch with a new character of modern aviation.

course: product design  |  semester: III | supervised by:  tobias adami